A Quest for Meaning. The latest and most heartfelt project since Truth in Poetry; this time without the worthless songs to fill space. 85% of this album came in a state that I consider "blackout," where my Poet Mind took over, drawing from relationship influences, close bouts of love and love loss, and philosophical ideas. There are many songs on this album that I am truly proud of. I hope this one inspires and motivates.


01. Introduction
02. The Preamble
03. Body City World
04. Kids of the Earth
05. Reliance (feat. Outspoken)
06. Strum in the Dark
07. Maybe I'm OK
08. Until I Find You
09. Holograms (feat. Ricole)
10. Bring Me Closer
11. Time to Grow Up
12. Nirvana Interlude
13. A Pocket Full of Hope
14. In the Rain
15. Ode to Green Spirits (feat. Denku & Noodles)
16. Identity (feat. Outspoken)
17. Everybody Dies, Not Hiphop (feat. Ricole)
18. Monopoly (feat. Ricole)
19. Find Your Mind (feat. Outspoken)
20. Lost in Charlotte
21. Longing for You
22. The Tides to Come
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