©2008 TRUspeak Independence

Let the mind wander, the time runner the fine supper with wine
The night suffers, as nature takes a peek and finds trouble and crime
Face the street and decide to make the steepest of climbs
reach to the sky, the place to be in the mind
the safest peace, the haven where they make you free and defined
as creative genius, the flaming phoenix will rise
ya states of weakness decline, you may believe it can die
but even now, they can see it alive
I pray and scream it to God, to show his face to me
I know it's basically hatred from great elites, but breathe aloud
show em were living before were beat to the ground
I see it the cataclysm, the horizon's defiance to catch the system
the sirens, the dragon riders, the virus the casket digging
the massive comet colliding the astronomic divide the appetite to survive
that has to fight to the traffic lights with the eyes, the axe position
the acolytes to be tried in front of jury of peers, the fury is clear
when somebody living earthly is weird
and somebody at a church is in fear
and somebody on the first of the year
decides it isnt worth it and here
lies another person in tears, the prize is certain revere
disguised as perfect and cheer! alive, so serve us the beer!
the hi-fi, perfectly clear, the fly by purpose
the high crime murders and wi-fi services, circuses
arrive by circuits, its time... to find light, turn it to shine
chuckle chuckle if something's funny
work for the mind, mindless work for the money
time to learn that the country is kind of worthless
unless the landscape demands change
I find the hurt is case and point, make the choice
and stand brave
True evolve, to involve the music's law
Combination depth and abyss: we move along
Cosmic invention, adept to effects
Void of any effort to miss
Eye-gaze, a stranger I see dreaming
The time-space, the quite strange
The nice change, why we've seen this
person to person surge of inertia
kinetic synthetic pathetic words to immerse ya
Emerge from, and learn from
Drive straight, maybe turn once
Deserve trust or else loyalty surplus
Words jump from pages to stages
I hold mics, solo, control lives
for no time, show rhyme and confusion
I witness, appreciation is minimal
Yet my confidence rises, description
honest disdain, promised to stop this
not until I finish the rhyme
It's written
inscribed in the image of mind, and the vision
of why is this timid nature my trial and divination
survival to mimic greatness in isles of sweat and plastic
divide labor
my neighbor
the time changer...
I see the future now, through the clouds
truth in sound
The proving grounds,
the midst of the mental plane
the mindscapes of time-space
the evolution from primate to live bait
the chapter closes, when you define fate
when you design hate, your vast emotions
they trap the hopeless, a sublime rage
thinking its a fine change
or rather, violence is the right way
but id's say to reconsider, or be delivered
to whatever maker you choose, faith in a ghost
too many trading their souls, for paper control
care more about taking her home
then shaping the goal
into something safe you can hold
vacant and vagrant, placed in a place-less place
a replacement
adjacent to hatred and faceless creation
safe in a haven, a matrix with masons
preying and waiting with patience
to change and arrange this, planet we spin
on an axis of disaster, and madness they capture
a snap shot, the cash crops
made to divide, they create division
while great decisions...create opinions.
So stay this ancient prison...
and get cosmic

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