Open Your Eyes 

©2009 TRUspeak Independence

I'm only saying to wake up, hoping hatred escapes us.
Though we save from a pay stub, they know were slaves to the great ones.
So I pray that you open eyes, and don't define
truth from the propaganda our foes devise, just know the lies.
Controlling lives, the mind machine is a home device,
known as the television, so they can sell their business:
prescriptions and depictions of their poster crimes,
[with an oversized box of pixels.]
Mesmerized, they lock you into the stress of times and block your whistle.
Cause they fear the movement and our plot's official.
The clear illusions that they try to fit you, inside an issue
that has nothing to fucking do with the reason that we fly our missiles.
But I know if I convince you, you'll hide a pistol,
cause the enemy isn't your fellow but your high officials.
So decide its in you, to know the real
and discover they can't ever tell you how you're supposed to feel.

[Wake Up]
Open Your Eyes
Open Your Mind
Please Don't Be Blind
Open Your Eyes

I'm only saying to wake up, hoping hatred escapes us
and so we sway to the bass drum, knowing they cant disgrace us.
I stay one, step ahead incase they come to shoot
An instant war with the evils that are bustin through
My written scores are for people that just want the truth
A little force then proceeds into something cruel
I'm now the messenger, one from a vast lineage
A trooper like william cooper, the truth from the past witnesses
a beautiful wrath, through from the blackness
until we penetrate their shell and break their coup like its glass
And soon the truth will a mass, the fools'll collapse
and government will crumble into ruins influenced from facts
It's my duty to blast, Their pipe dreams, break the core
And Stop the prophecy from nine-teen-eighty-four
Orwellian fellowships the brotherhoods established
Illuminati, freemason, NOTHING good is fascist

I'm only saying to wake up, knowing they hope to change us
Only praying we break up their social states and their poker faces
I'm so enraged when I see the sheople like zombies walkin
It's freakin lethal they beat and bleed you and lock your coffins
You'll find me often depressed,  instability killing me
Because so many people I love are still asleep
And fill the streets, in hopeless directions broken
connection to frozen collections of nothingness I'm fucking pissed
But I'm trying to keep a positive mind,
Droppin the rhyme, hoping to transform this damn war like optimus prime
And stop the design and show that we demand more
I stand for the truth, and nothing but the realest truth
So feel the truth in your system, feel the truth in your minds
And wake up and witness what it can do to your lives
I'm making suggestions, its for you to decide.
I'm refusing to die a slave, wasting life away in a suit and tie.

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