Pixel Box Poison

©TRUspeak Independence

t's a world of greed and hatred, beasts in panels
Working to increase the matrix so you need your channels
They feed your blindness, until you've sold your soul
so when you're using remote controls, you're under remote control
Puppeteers, selling functioned fear
Funded tears, a hundred years of programs
Why do you think they're called television PROGRAMS
They get you programmed, to feed into the system
Your local news, supposed to view a clear balance
The mere challenge just to clean out the addiction
Its vicious, market schemes to pick apart the seams
Ardent fiends, with dreams to harvest teens
To be consumers, what's life without your neat computers
no creative energy they just repeat illusions
You FREAKIN LOSERS, It's poison from a pixel box
So point and aim, at the screen, and hear the pistol shots...

(turn off, right now, your pixel box)
cbs, nbc, fox, fcc
cnn, abc, tbs, lets get free

"The Bigger the Lie, the more likely one would believe it".
Great wisdom from a genius, and a demon.
The only difference between Nazis and our DC
We dont need a Hitler, we just copy from our TVs.
But it's easy, to be suckered in
The same way we get suckered by our government
Every shows a new drug release
And every mainstream media source is owned by the same company
CBS the seeing Eye of Horus
NBC the sun rays that rise before us
Every icon symbolizes for us the crimes and torture
The lies for fortune and our mind's absorb it
Distraction machines, to redesign your brain
And capture your dreams, and redefine your faith
It tells you what you to believe, what to consider truth
As you sit in ridicule thinking your life is miserable.

cbs, nbc, fox, fcc
cnn, abc, tbs, lets get free

Was created as a digital billboard for ad promotions
to trap emotions, to break in half the closeness
And add the doses, drugs and other substances
Created with addictive properties and punishment
Like the alocohol or the nicotine in your ciggarettes
Creating false reality, and how you feel
wrapped into a story, i doubt its real, but you

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