Slow Down

©2009 TRUspeak Independence

If anybody wants to slow down
Take this life just like a ride and make it slow down
It doesnt mean it has to be something profound,
its something we can grow from, that we can slow down

You make me erase the current
situations urgent to face it
the basic determination the word's adjacent,
perfectly placed within the earth is your face and it hurts,
but the pain is worth it, infinite surge of emotion
emerges and hope just resurfaces open
listen its deserving to focus, on positivity
a lot of interesting things to discover
I sink to the wondering if its other comforting things we take for granted
I face the planet and make advances
if fate demands it, i'd say the answer
is the disease that we printed green that
paper cancer, i live and breathe
on the middle ground that thinnest line
between simple lies to the cure of eternally living blind
Were in a time, of murdering in sublime with picket signs
disturbing the inner mind, i script a rhyme
A quick design from conscious subconcious, and in the mic
a mix of life, the sickest type, down to the very reason we bleed and wish to die
And rarely seizing, the evolution opportunity
I'm talking the inaudulerate chance to advance in our community
The one community there's one for you and me
A sky of thunder, music strings and rhyme from under human beings
And we die, so fucking beautifully, and we cry
But what's it usually?
Even understanding the truth of things
Another family just wonders amply,
suffering deeply from what could just be another sampling or hundred lives
Or other side, or just the God we've trusted blind
The undefined underlined undermined and crushed to fine
nothing, buy, another gallon another mountain
just tumblin down its, the earth and she's starting to make a move
It gets stronger, we get stronger, and we praise the moon
as much as the sun just like we should our own minds
And know the future's just an empty canvas we can show life...
And so I, chosen to the road of peace and hopefully
even if its not the only dream, i know ill see another and be free to grow and breathe
my brother and so if she's my mother and only we can wonder
While another group of those elites take the dreams from under
our sleeves and we freeze and struggle, bleed and suffer
Please... discover the freedom, its only you

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