Soul Confusion

©2009 TRUspeak Independence

 If you've ever seen confusion, manifested, it takes shape
I can't accept that it's strange and yet I hand respect
Willingly, no really each, soliloquy, is panic etched
No side left behind, ambidextrous abilities
Writ large, it hits hard, I can't connect to the feelings
I can't expect when I'm sitting all alone in the dark
Thoughts strumming, cause drumming in rhythm
Off trusting the system, lost lusting the friction and thus
wishing we could live in the solitude of promised truth
Honesty, probably, possibly, I'm not the freedom calm
I'm the beating heart, I'm the fleeting thought
See the spark, deeper even, seek the sequence and walk
See the peace in the flock, wings from the angels I pray to
Sing to the cradle, the youth alive, it's you and I
Euthanized from the beginning from sinning I'm listening
There's a reason such a peaceful man would be crucified...

No confusion will take my soul
No confusion can have my soul

If you've ever heard confusion, understated, it breaks bread
Pass it along, ask for the song, fasten it strong
The vagabond with the savage and raw rappin is law
I think I've mastered it yall, but I suppose it's time to grow
Try to show the Gods this microphone is mine to own
Sign below, next to the ex I was ghost
Phantom, the tandem, the tantrums, I'd stand em
A seperate guest, blessed and yet, I answered with silence
The tyrant, no relief designed or defined
Confined and blinded the violence applied its
Only me, I'd show em me, we'd grow to see
The ship of life floats to sea, toward the ice berg
where the rhymes churn, where the mind works,
Where the time learns, where human nature is supposed to be
The music's flavor, tastes a bit like beauty so truly, I hope to be
The only man that defies the odds
So its time that we decide to fly!

No confusion will take my soul
No confusion can have my soul

If you've ever felt confusion, crucifixion, they pass the judgment
Nails inside the coffin that we've lost in these acts of nothing
No substance or motive, no agenda worth a damn
So the pen's my purpose, stand
Inside the circle where the yogis levitated and meditated
Found their souls inside the cosmic dimension and separated
The nonsense from progress, its evolution
It's SacriFICE, the best to do it, the Rebel Union

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