The Truth: Volume 1 is the first project from TRU after the surprisingly quick evolution from HeX. HeX was the Genesis, TRU is the result; from here, the legacy is born.

SacriFICE & Outspoken are a team destined to destroy the microphone. This is the beginning.


01. Fly High
02. Pure Hotness (feat. Delux)
03. How We Get Down (feat. Mentore)
04. Click Pow
05. Cease to Exist
06. Cease to Exist 2
07. TRU Anthem
08. Who Got Gunz
09. Don't Fuck With Us (feat. Mentore)
10. The Militia (feat. Mentore)
11. You Know (feat. Delux)
12. Dangerous (feat. Jaylacage)
13. TRU to the Bone
14. Facts (feat. Orange Juice)
15. Back and Forth
16. Times Up
17. Move On
18. Welcome to the Darkside

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