This is Volume 2. Much like UnspokenWords and Volume 1, this is more a collection of songs that came together in random intervals. This paved the way for the much tighter, coherent and powerful albums that follow. 


01. Introduction Song
02. Mad Izm (feat. Weapon X)
03. The Team is Back
04. Vendetta
05. Where Hiphop Lives (feat. Novah)
06. Talk to the Lyrics (feat. Denku)
07. Ambitions
08. The Dark Side of the Truth
09. Union of Rebels
10. Cold Streets
11. This is What We Do (feat. Denku & Tali Rodriguez)
12. Gridlocked
13. Sacrifices
14. Persevere
15. Uh Oh (Doin' It)
16. Suicidal (feat. Harvey Dent)
17. Filthy
18. Be Strong (feat. BE Reborn & Delux)
19. Together We Stand (feat. IMA)

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