Volume 3 marks a period of significant change for The Rebel Union. Rather than randomly compile songs done for the sake of fun, we took more time developing the songs, picking the beats and collaborating on the outcome. I think it shows; plus our talent continued to develop significantly.


01. Thank You
02. Once Again
03. Government Destruction (feat. Print)
04. Welcome to the Underground
05. Simply the Best
06. Nicer Than That (feat. Mundey)
07. Back Again
08. Bleed Slow
09. Respect Your Elders (feat. Ricole)
10. You Already Know
11. Giving it Up
12. Heat (feat. Grim & Bolo)
13. Laugh In Your Face (feat. D-Sport)
14. Not Afraid (feat. Mundey)
15. The Rebellious
16. Hiphop is Life
17. Good Morning Vietnam (feat. Ricole)
18. Trapped in Life (feat. Mundey)
19. Partners in Rhyme
20. It's Me Without You (feat. D-Sport & Ricole)
21. It's Not Just Music (feat. Harvey Dent)
22. Hate Us or Love Us
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