Volume 4. After a relatively lengthy hiatus... well, perhaps not by any real standards, TRU came together to create a very solid piece of work. The special thing about this album is that we literally picked the beats at random. In an odd way, this method helped our creativity. Behold, The Truth: Volume 4.


01. The Return
02. Hi-Jacked
03. Double Teamed
04. Life, Right Now
05. Inner Struggle
06. Respect Us
07. Mercy
08. Premier Anthem
09. Night Vision (feat. Ericlamont)
10. Legendary
11. Say it to My Face
12. Breath of Fresh Air
13. Wake Up, Wake Up!
14. Above the Clouds
15. People Change
16. Never Step to the Crew
17. Journey
18. Told Ya So
19. Stop!
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