From 1999 to 2003 I recorded a lot of music. But it wasn't until I upgraded my recording setup that the music really came alive. Truth in Poetry is  the "first" attempt at a project of any real depth and length. I've grown a lot since completing this album, but I owe a lot to the time I spent on this one.


01. Predestined for Truth
02. From Within Me
03. (Suicide) Is On My Mind
04. One Day at a Time
05. Deep Cover (feat. Orange Juice & EQuell)
06. How It All Began
07. The Good Guys
08. The Aphyliation
09. I Get Down
10. Quiet Storm (feat. Shangtsung)
11. So Stellar (feat. Novah & Outspoken)
12. I Know Why
13. Poison (feat. Mentore)
14. We Need a Change
15. The Kingz are Back (feat. Novah & Delux)
16. Out of Control
17. Visionary
18. Legendary (feat. Praverb, Denku, Outspoken & Tali)
19. Bleeding Knuckles (feat. Outspoken)
20. A Lost Cause
21. The End Arrives
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