UnspokenWords is just an album of random songs that I did between Truth in Poetry and Aggression Within. Some of these I'm not particularly proud of, but I feel like the feedback I recieved was more positive than negative. There are still some pretty good songs on here. I think the development of my skill and comfortableness on the microphone is apparent here. Enjoy.


01. Intro
02. Nothing to Lose (feat. Outspoken)
03. Angels and Demons (feat. Ben Grimm)
04. Angry (feat. Outspoken)
05. Me and My Colleagues I (feat. Denku, Orange Juice, Grimm & Outspoken)
06. Whole City Behind Us (feat. Praverb)
07. Rise Up (feat. Tali)
08. The Rest is Faded (feat. Jaylacage)
09. When Death Comes (feat. Mentore)
10. So Ghetto Freeverse
11. While You Were Sleeping (feat. Orange Juice & Outspoken)
12. The Explosion (feat. IMA)
13. Nice in Disguise (feat. TAB)
14. I'm That Sick
15. Your Verse
16. Where Hiphop Lives (feat. Novah & Outspoken)
17. Reign Supreme Freeverse
18. The Showdown (feat. Jaylacage)
19. Instrumental Homicide
20. Take a Good Look (feat. Praverb)
21. Sweet Jumps Freeverse
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